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4,000 to 10,000 yen per person

Minshuku are Japanese style bed and breakfast lodgings. They are usually family run, offer Japanese style rooms, and often include one or two meals in the price.


6,000 to 12,000 yen per person

Pensions are comparable to minshuku (see above), except that they offer rooms in Western style rather than in Japanese style. They are typically found in mountainous resort towns and in the countryside.


3,000 to 10,000 yen per person

It is possible for tourists to spend the night at some Buddhist temple lodgings (shukubo). A stay often includes two vegetarian meals and the opportunity to join the morning prayers. One of the best places to experience a night at a temple is Mount Koya.


5,000 to 30,000 yen per room/apartment/house

Airbnb and other vacation rental services are popular in Japan. On offer are apartments and rooms with traditional or modern interior, as well as restored historic houses. A new legal framework for vacation rentals came into effect in June 2018.


1,500 to 4,000 yen per person

Hostels offer lodging and meals at the lowest budget level. Japan Youth Hostels, a member of the International Youth Hostel Federation, operates more than 300 hostels across Japan.

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  2. Sushi and Sashimi. Sushi is known all over the world. It is called sushi to every piece of rice seasoned with a rice vinegar mix (made with sugar and salt) mixed with different ingredients: variety of fishes, vegetables, nori (seaweed), etc.. You grab the pieces of sushi with the chopsticks and dip them into soy sauce or wasabi, or both. It is a mixed of flavors in your mouth! Sushi can be: Nigiri sushi, Maki sushi , Oshi sushi , Temaki sushi, etc.

  3. RAMEN

  4. Ramen is one of the most popular options at the moment of choosing a place to eat. It is a wheat noodles bowl served in a soy sauce or miso soup mixed with many kinds of ingredients. The most typical ones are slices of pork, green onion, seaweed and egg. I canĀ“t compare the flavor of this dish with anything I have tasted before. The most important part of this dish is the soup. It is the most tasty flavor a ever tried, also strong according on where do you order it. The way the pork is cooked, makes it so soft that sometimes it breaks into pieces as son as you catch it with your chopsticks. With one order of ramen and a side dish of rice, you can be sure that you will be satisfied when you finish your meal


  6. Also a very popular, simple and delicious dish that we can find in Japan. Kare raisu is just rice with curry but the taste is different from the To make the japanese curry, it is used a variety of meats and vegetables. The basics vegetables are onions, carrots and sweet potatos, and the meats used are chicken, pork, beef and sometimes duck. There are different levels of hot spicy: soft, regular and hot are the most common.Meet one of the best curry shops in Tokyo - Curry Kingdom. They have one of the greatest variety of curry to choose from that we have ever seen, inclusing fish curry, chicken curry, pork curry and even fruit curries such as the Strawberry-flavored one.


  8. Tempura is a Japanese fried snack made mostly from seafood and vegetables but we can find tempura made also from fowl and fish, seasoned with a sauce made with soy sauce, ginger and sugar previously. As vegetables, it can be made by almost every vegetables. The size of the piece has to be able to be eaten in one bite and even when it is fried, it is carefully looked after not to be oily. Tempura is served with Tetsuyu sauce that it is a mix of consomme, sweet sake, soy sauce, ginger, radish and spices.


  10. Okonomiyaki is a dish that we've covered in many other of our blogs. It is a savory pancake made from a flour and water batter, eggs, and of course the main ingredient chopped cabbage. There are many versions of okonomiyaki, including the Hiroshima version and the Osaka/Kansai version. The use of different ingredients makes it taste different, and one of the most popular variations is to add noodles into the mix. The Hiroshima version is known to layer their ingredients as opposed to mix, but either way makes for a delcious meal. Due to its popularity throughout Japan as well as its relative accessibility, this makes it a popular dish for tourists to try as well.

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